Carl Henley Shares a Brief Overview of WaterLase

July 16, 2012

A graduate of Northwestern University Dental School, Dr. Carl Henley currently treats patients at his Naperville, Illinois, practice. Carl Henley, DDS, participates in numerous professional organizations, including the International Association for Orthodontics, the Chicago Dental Society, and the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics.

WaterLase allows dentists to perform various procedures related to endodontics, periodontics, and soft and hard tissues. Doctors conducting root canals, for example, can use the tool to prepare the tooth for the procedure as well as enlarge the canal itself. WaterLase facilitates removal of hyperplastic and pathological tissues and also disinfects the root canal after treatment.

With a special attachment, WaterLase also assists dentists with periodontal procedures such as osseous crown lengthening, osteoplasty, ostectomy, and soft-tissue curettage.

For soft tissue, WaterLase helps provide implant recovery, vestibuloplasty, pulpotomy, leukoplakia, crown lengthening, and draining and incisions of abscesses.

For hard tissue, WaterLase assists dentists in preparing teeth for sealants. In addition, the tool facilitates removal of cavities and roughening or etching tooth surfaces.


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