Carl Henley: Keys to Operating a Successful Dental Practice

September 6, 2012

Carl Henley has been a successful dentist in Naperville, Illinois, for nearly three decades. A variety of factors contribute to the long-term viability of a dental practice.

1. Modern dental practices are typically complex business operations. In addition to providing quality patient care, dentists must also pay close attention to the various business aspects of the practice.

2. In nearly every profession, successful people benefit from a strong support system. The most successful dentists are those who hire a capable staff and treat them with dignity and respect.

3. Dentists develop a loyal patient base by focusing on the needs and comfort of each patient. They can accomplish this through actions such as explaining a particular treatment in non-technical terms and by taking the time to thoroughly answer patient questions and address their concerns.

4. Dentists should develop a marketing mindset to keep new patients coming in the door. A referral program, for instance, where current patients receive a reward for referring a new patient while offering the new patient a discount, can prove to be an effective marketing tool.


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