Common Dental Health Issues for Seniors

July 29, 2013

Formerly a partner with the Center for Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Carl Henley currently operates as managing dentist at the Naperville, Illinois, dentistry practice, Carl E. Henley DDS & Associates. Focused on providing the highest level of quality care to his patients, Dr. Carl Henley continues to stay apprised of the latest techniques and methods in both reconstructive and preventive dental care.

As patients age, various dental issues and concerns may become more pressing than others. While dental health at later stages in life is often reflected in how well oral health was attended to earlier in life, some issues simply reveal themselves more commonly at later life stages. Outlined below are a few conditions and/or issues that should be tended to at any age.

1. Diminished taste sense often occurs due to the use of dentures or as a result of taking certain medications.

2. Darkened teeth become more prevalent in older patients as tooth enamel naturally wears away. Years of exposure to teeth staining substances also contribute to this problem.

3. Oral thrush can occur at any age. However, a weakened immune system or exposure to various drugs can increase the likelihood of experiencing this condition of the mouth.


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