The managing dentist of Carl E. Henley DDS & Associates and previously a partner with the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Naperville, Illinois, Dr. Carl Henley provides a wide range of treatments and care for his patients. Dr. Carl Henley assists patients in their oral and dental health with temporomandibular joint treatments, micro dentistry, oral cancer screening, and neuromuscular dentistry, among other practices.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts as the connecting joint or hinge that allows the jaw to open and shut. When individuals suffer from TMJ disorders, pain and discomfort can be a common result. Symptoms and signs of such a condition include aching in the facial region, jaw tenderness, pain near the ear, or chewing discomfort. Individuals may also experience a clicking noise when they chew or open their mouth.

Doctors currently recognize a number of various causes that contribute to TMJ disorders. Cartilage damaged by arthritis or trauma can lead to jaw issues, as can a misalignment of discs. Often, however, the cause is not clear. Treatment for TMJ disorders may range from medication, jaw exercises, or surgery, depending upon the severity of the condition.


posted at Public DomainThe Academy of General Dentistry has found in a survey that nearly everyone believes that a healthy, bright smile is critical in terms of social confidence. Many individuals seek to enhance their smiles through teeth-whitening procedures. However, there are various teeth-whitening procedures to choose from, depending on specific types of cosmetic and oral health concerns. It is important to consult with a dentist to learn about which types of teeth-whitening techniques may be appropriate for you, depending on age and oral health. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends individuals to be at least 14 years old before considering teeth whitening.

The type of teeth-whitening procedure that may be appropriate for an individual depends on the level of brightness desired, in addition to the oral health of each individual. Over-the-counter products may helpful for minimizing coffee or tea stains. However, at-home, unsupervised teeth-whitening products may not be appropriate for those with sensitive teeth, gum disease, and various types of discoloration. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that it is safer to seek teeth-whitening procedures from a dentist. Procedures such as in-office teeth bleaching or dentist-supervised, custom-made mouthpiece trays may provide a greater level of control over outcomes. For example, in-office teeth whitening can achieve many levels of brightness. Additionally, dentist-supervised or in-office procedures can help to avoid specific gum issues.

About Dr. Carl Henley: A long-time dentist in Illinois, Dr. Henley has extensive experience with patient consultations, treatment plans, screenings, and high-tech procedures, with a focus on new techniques. Dr. Henley holds numerous professional memberships, such as with the American Dental Association and the Illinois State Dental Society. His practice, Center For Dentistry, is located in Naperville, Illinois.